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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Charter Types

1-Contract of Affreightment (COA) - A service contract under which a ship owner agrees to transport a specified quantity of fuel products or specialty products, at a specified rate per ton between designated loading and discharge ports. This type contract differs from a spot or consecutive voyage charter in that no particular vessel is specified. (Rates are usually discounted below other forms of contracts.)

2-Period Charter - Refers to consecutive voyage (C/V) exceeding four voyages, time charters (T/C) and bareboat charters. – Note: Loose term may have other connotations.

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3-Spot (Voyage) Charter - A charter for a particular vessel to move a single cargo between specified loading port(s) and discharge port(s) in the immediate future. Contract rate (spot rate) covers total operating expenses such as port charges, bunkering, crew expenses, insurance, repairs, and canal tolls. The charterer will generally pay all cargo-related costs.

4-Time Charter (T/C) - A charter for varying periods of time, usually between two and ten years, under which the owner hires out the vessel to the shipper fully manned, provisioned, stored and insured. The charterer is usually responsible for bunkers, port charges, canal tolls and any crew overtime connected with the cargo. The charter rate (hire) is quoted in terms of a cost per month per deadweight ton


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The internet is a marvelous tool to ship sales. It allows brokers to network their information better than any other medium. Unfortunately, it has also become the greatest source of lost time for us, in dealing with brokers posing as buyers, or shopping for their clients whom they have not even pre-qualified as sincere prospects. Due to this, we have implemented the following company policies when working with non-principals (brokers and agents). We appreciate and desire your business, and we are ready to work with you, however we must do so under the following parameters: DECLARE UPFRONT in what capacity you are operating. All brokers and persons acting as agents for a buyer or group of buyers who wish to work with us, must identify themselves as such on initial contact (clearly identify whether you are a BROKER, BUYER'S AGENT, or BUYER), and identify exactly WHO they are representing, in order to receive more information than what already appears on the website, or to request that we invest our time researching further information for your client. If you are really a Broker we know you will understand our need to request this information. Owners expect us to screen prospective buyers, and neither do we intend to invest our time poorly. BEFORE CONTACTING US requesting more information regarding a vessel that appears already published on the website, it is required that you as Broker have ALREADY done your due diligence as to whether your client is authentic and qualified as a purchaser, or not..... so PLEASE do request of OUR time, if you have not yet accomplished this preliminary task first.